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History of Maple Plain Fire Department

The Maple Plain Fire Department had its beginnings in the autumn of 1930 when the Mound Fire Department announced they had a fire truck for sale. Several interested citizens approached the Village Council on the subject of starting a local fire department and soon after, the truck was purchased for $200. Thirteen men answered the first call, and after several training sessions with the Mound Fire Department, the Maple Plain Fire Department was born. On January 8, 1931, another request went out for volunteers and twelve more men answered this call, bringing the roster to 25, where it remained for many years.
The charter members of the Maple Plain Fire Department were:
  • Albert Thompson, Chief
  • L. Carlo Andersen
  • Niels Andersen
  • Norman Batdorf
  • Hilton Beer, Jr.
  • Adrian Halgren
  • Joe Lindstrom
  • Leslie Mills
  • Adrian Pearson
  • Theodore Scheer
  • Harold Petersen
  • Arnold Nelson
  • L.B. Setzler
  • H.V. Miller
  • Herbert Heinzen
  • Winfred Berry
  • Harry Beer
  • Lecile Arnold
  • Helmer Andersen
  • John Stuckmayer
The first station was a rented stall in Chief, Albert Thompson’s truck garage on West Main Street and the department operated from these quarters until 1956 when the village built a fire station and village office on Maple Avenue.
In 1957, the fire department purchased its first rescue truck and with first aid training by the American Red Cross and a supply of first aid equipment, the Rescue Squad was born.
On June 1, 1980, a new fire station was put into service. 1645 Pioneer Avenue continues to be the home of the Maple Plain Fire Department today.
The Maple Plain Fire Department has always had a rich family history. The following is a list of the multi-generation families serving the Maple Plain Fire Department:
3 Generation Families
  • Andersen
  • Berry
  • Dressel
  • Sutherland
  • Stuckmayer
  • Swenson (Arthur Swenson, Terry Swenson, Bryan Swenson)
2 Generation Families
  • Couser (Gene Couser, Brad Couser)
  • McCoy (Ray McCoy, Justin McCoy, Jay McCoy)
  • Doyle (Chris Doyle, Brian Doyle)
  • O'Brien (Randy O'Brien, Dusty O'Brien)
  • Keding (John Keding, Pete Keding)
  • Wyman (Clyde Wyman, Larry Wyman)
The Maple Plain Fire Department provides protection to the Cities of Maple Plain, Independence, and Medina.
Our officers are members of the Hennepin County Fire Chiefs Association, Metro Chiefs Association and Minnesota Fire Chiefs Association. In addition to the training in our own department, our firefighters take advantage of train­ing offered at state fire schools, regional fire schools, Hennepin County Vo-Tech schools, the National Fire Academy, and other nationally recognized fire training organizations.
The Maple Plain Fire Department has 35 roster spots available to firefighters. Department meetings are held on the first Monday of each month and training sessions on all other Mondays. All firefighters are trained to a state requirement of Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 and each holds an Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician or a Paramedic licensure.
Learn More about the Maple Plain Fire Department