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Fire Trucks

Retired Trucks

Old Rescue Truck

This 1982 Ford rescue truck was purchased from North Memorial Medical Center and served Maple Plain Fire Department for many years until it was replaced in the late 1990’s by the Heavy Rescue Truck.  This truck carried first aid supplies as well as life-saving Jaws of Life to assist in vehicle crash extrication.  

Utility Truck

This retired Utility Truck was a truck outfitted by the firefighters of Maple Plain.  This truck was converted from an old bakery truck and served as a command truck, firefighter transport vehicle as well as a vehicle that housed Firefighter’s Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.  This truck was a 1970 Ford and served until it was replaced by the Heavy Rescue Truck in 1996.

Rescue Squad

This Rescue Squad, a 1957 Ford, was a homemade rescue truck created out of an old Bread Delivery Vehicle that served Maple Plain Fire Department until it's sale to the Echo Fire Department in the mid 1970's.

1934 Federal

This 1934 Federal Pumper was Maple Plain Fire Department's First Pumper Truck.

Current Trucks

Grass 11

Grass 11 is a bonafide grass fire truck.  This Humvee was donated to Maple Plain Fire Department by the Minnesota Department of Natural resources and converted into the truck you see today.  This truck holds four fighters, water, a chain saw, misc hand tools and four back pack blowers to assist in putting out grass and wildland fires.  

Grass 12

Grass 12 is a 1973 Gama-Goat that was donated to the Fire Department from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and converted into a highly efficient wildland fire truck.  The Gama Goat is a six-wheel drive semi-amphibious off-road vehicle originally developed for use by the US military in the Vietnam War. The Goat uses an articulated chassis so that from a distance it appears to be a four-wheel drive vehicle pulling a two-wheel trailer, but it is a single six-wheel vehicle with a four-wheel steering arrangement with the front and rear wheels turning in opposite directions.

Aerial 11

Maple Plain Fire Department’s first ladder truck is a 2002 Pierce Aerial with a ladder stretching 105 feet. This truck carries 500 gallons of water and has a pump that can reach 2,000 GPM. This truck is the first truck that responds to all structure fires and fire alarms. Aerial 11 has space for a total of six firefighters on the truck. The ladder can be controlled at the pump panel or the turntable on top of the truck.

Engine 11

Maple Plain Fire Department Engine 11 is a 1989 Custom Fire Engine built on a Peterbilt Chassis that holds 700 gallons of water. This engine was Maple Plain Fire’s first crew cab. Prior to Engine 11 Firefighters were riding on the tail boards of other engines or in utility trucks. This engine has seats for 7 firefighters. Engine 11 has a large master stream device on the rear of the truck on the driver's side. This truck can pump up to 1500 GPM.

Engine 12

Engine 12 was built on a grant from the Department of Homeland Security and designed to be a multi-purpose truck. This truck is a 2008 Custom Fire Truck built on a Spartan Chassis. Engine 12 carries 700 gallons of water and has a pump that can pump 1500GPM. This truck cas a large master stream device located on the top of the truck and carries fire hand tools, medical equipment, car extrication equipment and hazardous materials clean up equipment. This truck has seats for 6 firefighters.

Tanker 11

Tanker 11 is one of Maple Plain Fire Department’s water tenders.  This truck carries 2200 gallons of water to our communities that are not served by municipal water or new municipal water hydrants.  This truck is a 1989 Custom Fire Tanker truck built on a Volvo White Chassis.  

Tanker 12

Tanker 12 is Maple Plain Fire’s second water tender. This truck was built in 2000 by Custom Fire on a Kenworth Chassis. This truck carries 3000 gallons of water to our communities that are not served by municipal water or new municipal water hydrants. Tanker 12 also carries a dump tank that can be placed to temporarily hold water while a water tender operation is in progress.

Rescue 11

Another Custom Fire truck built on a Peterbilt chassis is this 1996 Heavy Rescue Truck. Rescue 11, when put in service, replaced two trucks (old utility truck and old rescue truck). This truck serves as a mobile command post, confined space rescue truck contains vehicle extrication tools as well as serves the community as a secondary truck to run medicals.

Rescue 12

Rescue 12 is a modified suburban that efficiently runs medical calls throughout the community. The truck small in size allows for great access to our residential properties when responding to medical emergency calls. This truck has a capacity for 5 firefighters and has all of our cardiac, medical and carbon monoxide equipment.

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